What’s next in 3D Printing ? by Avi Reichental

“So many people ask me, will we have a 3D printer in every home? I think it’s the wrong question to ask.The right question to ask is, how will 3D printing change my life? Or, in other words, what room in my house will 3D printing fit in?”

Medical equipments, Space explorations, Block phone, Food, Clothes and shoes, End of manufacturing … Avi Reichental goes through next issues of 3D Printing and delivers his vision about how it will change our lifes.

Listen it on this TED conference video :

At 3D Systems, Avi Reichental is helping to imagine a future where 3D scanning-and-printing is an everyday act, and food, clothing, objects are routinely output at home. More about Avi on TED.com

And you, how do you think  3D printing revolution will change our lifes ?