This 3D printed helmet reads your mind

Synapse is a 3D Printed helmet which moves and illuminate according to brain activity.

This is how  Behnaz Farahi, its designer, presents it :

“Synapse is a multi-material 3d-printed wearable piece that moves and changes shape in response to the activities of the brain. The main intention of this project is to explore the possibilities of multi-material 3d printing in order to produce a shape-changing structure around the body as a second skin. Also, there is an attempt to explore direct control of the movement with neural commands from the brain, so that we can effectively control the environment around us through our thoughts. The environment therefore becomes an extension of our bodies. This project aims to play with the intimacy of our bodies and the environment to the point that the distinction between them becomes blurred, as both have ‘become’ a single entity.”

Synapse_0 Synapse_1 Synapse_2

More info on project’s website :