Design 3D models on the go with Morphi

Morphi is a mobile 3D modeling + printing app to know for those who prefers tablets to computer. Let’s meet this app and discover new features in the video bellow in this article.

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Images credits : Itunes

With this free app, “people can design 3D models on the go from anywhere with touch, without the need of wifi or a mouse. There are many uses for Morphi – quick sketching, prototyping, visualization, making functional products and wearables, creating decorative items, rendering architectural models, MakerEd, building 3D models to teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math) and literacy and much, much more. ”

Meet Morphi’s App new features in this video :

Here is Morphi’s team vision : “We’re a small team of passionate designers and programmers. We believe in the power of 3D thinking and our vision is to make 3D modeling, designing + printing more accessible and affordable for people of all ages, skill levels and educational backgrounds.”

View Morphy App on Itunes. Androïd’s version is coming soon according the company.  Enjoy !