Walk through this 3D Printed Bridge in Amsterdam

Will the world of tomorrow be entirely shaped by 3D printers ? After houses and buildings, bridges will now be part of the innovative revolution of 3D Printings. Discover the project of MX3D for a 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam.

This is how the project is presented by the Team : “With our robots that can “draw” steel structures in 3D, we will print a bridge over water in the center of Amsterdam. We research and develop groundbreaking, cost-effective robotic technology with which we can 3D print beautiful, functional objects in almost any form. The ultimate test? Printing an intricate, ornate metal bridge for a special location to show what our robots and software, engineers, craftsmen and designers can do.”

Sketches-Bridge about-3-1030x579 Visual-of-canal1-1030x579

Images credits : MX3D.com

More informations on official website